Follow our adventures while we ride our motorcycles around North America. Lots of roads. Family visits. Special motorcycle destinations. Come ride with us.

Motorcycle Adventures

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Arizona Ride

Rita headed down to Tucson to visit a friend so I hopped on the bike and went down to meet her.

Colorado 1000 in 24

In September I went on a ride with the Colorado Freewheelers. It was 1000 miles in 24 hours. This year the group went up to Devil's Tower in Wyoming with a side trip to Mt Rushmore. The gathering was a 2am and I rode with Herb, another biker from work.

The 2am gathering.

A beautiful day for a ride.

Pacific-Northwest Ride

Rita and I headed to Boise to visit with Alanna, her granddaughter. From there, I headed up to Seattle to attend the Bluepoof BBQ and then south to the WCRM II (both Sport-Touring.Net events. Then it was up to Jasper/Banff National Park in Canada and The Icelands Parkway. South back to the US and Glacier NP. A jaunt to North Dakota to add that state to my accomplishments and head home. Click on the Pacific Northwest link for complete pics and ride report.

On the way to Boise, I stopped at The Craters Of The Moon National Monument and did a quick tour of the site. Excellent place to visit and a little on the warm side.

This shot was taken while passing through Mt Ranier.

Have lots of camping to do on these trips.

An awesome view of Mt Robeson. Unfortunately the picture just can't do the mountain justice.

Sport Touring Net National

The Sport-Touring.Net National Meet took place June 21st. Dinner and general meet and greet occurred. Many of the folks on S-T.N were able to get together and actually see and talk to the people we normally only meet on the forums. It was a great time and folks rode around the area to see the great vistas and generally enjoy the countryside of western Colorado.

This is the gathering of bikes at the Red Arrow Best Western, the gathering place. Click on the S-T.N National Meet link to see the reports and all the pictures.